The laptop

Every law enforcement agency at the federal level in the United States is captured. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), after much prodding, took possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop (which was abandoned at a Wilmington, Delaware computer repair shop) in December 2019. FBI Special Agents Michael Dzielak and Joshua Wilson took more than two months to respond to the shop owner.

The report

When the agents finally did take possession of the laptop, the subpoena was under the pretense of investigating money laundering. Nearly every major news outlet and think tank in America (on the left and right) was too cowardly to comprehensively investigate the numerous felonies on the laptop. And then, to top it off, the social media oligopoly censored the truth.


Garrett Ziegler

Marco Polo, led by a Trump White House official, is a nonprofit research group exposing corruption and blackmail to drive an American renaissance. They possess a copy of Hunter's laptop. They wrote a comprehensive report (comparable in length to the Mueller report) about the 459 verifiable violations of state & federal laws & regulations on the device.

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